Out with the old and in with the new…

Despite 2010 starting out with a bang – what with Canada kicking Olympic ass and all ;) – it was pretty quiet.  There was a flurry of activity during the summer when I went out to Toronto for a weekend for my cousin’s wedding and then Orlando the next month for Star Wars Celebration 5.  Otherwise, it’s been pretty quiet.  Not a whole lot happening, not even being very productive!  It seemed like a busy year, like I was always on the go, but when I started this post and went through each month to write down all the interesting things that happened, there really wasn’t much to say!  I predict the same will be true this year as well.

Aside from a couple of web desgin gigs on the side, I remained half unemployed throughout the year despite going through the job boards every day.  The free time was appreciated – though, as I said, I didnt’ seem to get near everything done that I wanted – but the funds are running dry!

That’s why I don’t anticipate a whole lot of traveling being done in 2011.

As for this blog… you’ll notice that I’ve changed up the theme – a new year, a new look!.  The only other “major” change will be that I’m getting rid of the “Twitterpated” series.  I’m replacing it with one I’m calling “Aurora, the Geek”.  I’ll be able to cover more topics than just Twitter, though Twitter will come into it, I’m sure!  In the monthly posts, I’ll geek out about fandoms, news, sites… whatever comes to mind that fits in the category!  If you have any suggestions for this series (or anything else you’d like to see me talk about here) let me know!

What about you?  How did 2010 treat you?

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