So… what’s going on with me lately?  Too much!!

First, let’s talk about the fun stuff. I’ve posted a new progress photo for my Fairy Idyll cross stitch piece.  That will probably be last progress of any sort until December :(

I’m still taking part in my (free) Social Media and Open Education course – which this week was really interesting and dealt with Digital Storytelling, check out my last post for more information on that – and my Web design course (the homework for which I should be doing right now instead of writing this!).  I was suppose to do a Photography course through the Photographic Society of America, but the textbook I’ve only been able to find on Ebay.  I have just purchased it, though I’m still deciding if I just want to work through the book on my own, or take the course.  I’ll probably take a look at the book in November or December (more than likely December!) and figure it out.  (worried about the portrait unit – don’t really like taking pics of other people :P so I want to see what the exercises are before I commit)

On Tuesday I start volunteering weekly with Junior Achievement’s Company Program.  I was a volunteer advisor two years ago, but skipped last year, as I was too busy.  Somehow I decided that this year I was LESS busy?  Not sure what I was thinking when I agreed to that! lol Anyway, it’s a great program!  Hopefully we have a great year!

My 365 Photo Project is going well!  I’m on Day 74 and have only missed one day – which I made up for by posting two photos the next day.  I had started to do a ‘time capsule’ project, but it is going to have to be put on hold just after being started.  I got the idea from Photojojo’s Photo Time Capsule site.  With this site, you enter your flickr and email information and it emails you a photo from your flickr that was taken a year ago on that date.  I thought it was a neat idea, but A. I’m not on flickr (though I’ve been considering it lately – what do you think?) B. even if I was, I wouldn’t have ALL my photos on there and C. I thought it would be nice to share! The problem is, so many of my photos are from film.  I had got about a week’s worth ready between digitial files and scanning in prints, but I just don’t have the time.  I will have to wait until I’ve got ALL my photos scanned in, organized and tagged and then try again.  If I’m lucky, it will be ready to go by the time my 365 project ends, but I find that highly unlikely.

Even with all this going on, and, you know, work and sleep and all that jazz, I’ll be going away on Thursday for almost a week!  Thursday starts my Fan Days III journey and I can’t wait!  It’s going to be awesome!  I just wish I had someone going with me for touring around Dallas after the Con.  Of course, I’m sure that person would get pretty tired of my photography after a couple of hours, but safety in numbers and all that!  While I’m away I’ll probably be posting my daily photos (and any other updates I feel I want to post that are too big for Twitter) on my new posterous blog.  I’ll probably move everything back to their ‘right’ places afterwards though so every thing’s together.  I’m organized to a fault, after all :)  So while I”m gone if you want to see what I’m up to, or hear about Fan Days, be sure to check that and my Twitter.  You don’t have to sign up at Twitter to view my updates, just go to that page.  I’m not sure how much I’ll be posting on Facebook just because I’m not really a fan of facebook, and I’m sure a lot of those people aren’t interested in what I’m doing all day, AND if I’m in a rush that’s five extra buttons I have to hit for each twitter update.  Sometimes I just don’t have that kinda time ;)

The day after I return I will  be getting a couple of pieces of photography ready for an Art exhibit in Annapolis Royal that will run the month of November.  I’ll post more information if/when I get it!

And finally, I will have barely settled down from my vacation and National Novel Writing Month will start!!  Got a few ideas for this hefty challenge that I need to figure out between now and then.  For more ramblings on NaNoWriMo, check out my previous blog entry.  You can keep track of my NaNo progress with the widget at the right :)

Sigh.  I’m tired just writing all that.  And I really need to get my homework done!

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