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I wanted the Women of NASA set from LEGO from the moment I heard about it.  I looked all over for it in my regular LEGO shops (and some not so regular LEGO shops) but couldn’t find it. A couple of weeks ago, I realized… why don’t I look on Amazon? Score! Purchased. Done.

And then it arrived.

I don’t usually put my new LEGO sets together the day I get them, especially when I have other actual work to do. But I’d left work early that day (for unrelated reason), so I still had a couple hours of daylight left. I pulled out the camera, set up everything with the backdrop, and went at it.

Women of NASA

The set includes three small models – great for desk decorations! There’s Margaret Hamilton, the computer scientist; Nancy Roman and the Hubble Space Telescope; and Mae Jemison and Sally Ride with their space shuttle Challenger.

You can watch the compilation video I made or skip that for the individual gifs below.

Margaret Hamilton

Back in the day, Margaret Hamilton worked at MIT as a computer scientist and NASA contracted a group to develop computer systems for the Apollo Moon landing. The scene depicted in this LEGO piece mirrors a photo (included in the build instruction booklet) of Margaret next to a stack of books (computer print outs?) taller than she! It even has a coat rack shown at the edge of the photo. Attention to detail FTW.

Nancy Grace Roman

Astronomy was a interest of Nancy Roman’s since she was a child. She took that  interest all the way to NASA, becoming the first Chief of Astronomy in the Office of Space Science. Most relevant to my interests is her work to develop the Hubble Space Telescope, shown in this scene.

Nancy Roman

Mae Jemison and Sally Ride

Mae Jemison and Sally Ride both launched into space on the Space Shuttle. Sally flew in 1983 and 1984 on the Challenger and went on to become a physics professor. Mae in 1992 on Endeavour; she went on to found an international science camp for teens.

You can tell the sun was going down as I built these.  Oops.

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2 thoughts on “Women of NASA: A Stop-Motion LEGO Build”

  1. Really cool! Are you aware, though, that the sound in the video stops after the second build, right before starting the third? (Great music choice, btw)

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