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The beautiful rococo church “Wieskirch” (White Church) is nestled in the Bavarian Alps of Germany.  I visited the church while on a weekend tour of the area back in the summer of 2000.  It was a semi-unplanned stop, if I recall; one of those ‘we’re ahead of schedule, why don’t we go visit this nice church?”

As such, our stop wasn’t very long and I spent most of my time in the church taking photos, then going to the nearby shop to get some food because I remember being hot and starving.  I regret that because it really was wonderful and I only have the photos to remind me of the place.

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As we drove up to the church in our comfortable touring bus, I remember how beautiful just the outside of the church was: the dark roof and light, irregular walls against the brilliant blue sky with the alps in the distance.  I imaged an ornate interior, perhaps trimmed with dark wood.  I was right, up to a point.

The interior was… stunning.  White with golds and trims and marble, life-like paintings and brighter than any church I’d been in, in a long time especially in Germany.

Though I can’t remember the details so well, or perhaps because of that, I can’t wait for an opportunity to visit again in the future and I recommend a detour to anyone vacationing, or even living, in the region.

The Deets:

Website: http://www.wieskirche.de/

Cost:  Donation

Hours:  Summer 0800 – 1900; Winter 0800 – 1700.   Visitors are welcome to attend services but are asked not to tour the church during these times.

Location:  Wies, Germany

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