Nürmberg Weinachtsmarkt
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While living in Germany, we did a lot of travelling, both near and far.  Some weekend, we would just visit local markets.  Those were always a blast in their own right, but nothing could beat the weinachtsmarkts – Christmas markets – of November and December.  As these were specifically Christmas markets, there was even more to see than at the regular weekly village markets.  We never made it as far as the famous Nuremberg market (see the image), but regularly visited our local markets in Aachen and Cologne.

At the markets, which can last up to a month or more, everything is decorated with festive Christmas decorations and lights.  There are always crowds of people speaking many different languages looking at the wares on display: produce, clothing, handmade gifts and (possibly not entirely legal) electronics.  The smell of delicious food permeate the town squares and a mug of hot Glühwein was always welcome on a cool winter’s night; the music kept us entertained.  Even if you go without a penny to your name, it’s an even not to be missed.  There’s always so much to see… it’s probably better for your bank account, anyway, to leave the wallet at home!  Of course, then you’d miss out on the delicious food and Glühwein.

My one regret is that I wasn’t really into photography then… I have no photos of the markets we visited despite the multitude of beautiful and interesting shots I could have had.  We have similar events here in Canada and the United States, of course, in the Christmas season, they are simply no match.

While a traditional German market would not be suitable for anyone who has a problem with crowds, it is a must see if you are ever able to get to Germany near the holidays.

The Deets:

Website:  n/a

Cost:  Spending money :)

Hours:  varies

Location:  Germany, specifically.

This post is one in a series examining interesting locations in Canada and around the world.

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