When I was younger, we lived in Alberta.  I’m sure we had county fairs, or exhibitions, or whatever they would have been called, but we never went.  Maybe it was too far away, maybe it cost too much, maybe it wasn’t publicized enough and we never knew about it.  May we just weren’t interested.

It wasn’t until we moved here to Nova Scotia that I went to my first county fair (or, in my case, ‘exhibition’).  We’d just missed the 2001 festivities, but attended from 2002 on and starting in 2003 I’ve participated each year by entering items into their cross stitch and photography competitions.  This was the first year that I wasn’t able to attend the whole week, but I did catch the last few days.

These types of fairs seem to be most popular in North America, but even Europe has their own versions of town and village fairs.  Every fair is different, even just here in Nova Scotia.  My local fair lasts about a week and has just about everything you can imagine.  Art, cooking and livestock competitions; rides; show jumping; rodeos; horse and ox pulls; entertainment and displays; barrel and pole racing; food and a beer garden; ATV races and much, much more.  There’s something for pretty much everyone, young and old, even with regards to food.

No matter what your particular fair has to offer, I highly recommend checking it out at least once.  Maybe you’ll like it and go back ever year, maybe you find that it just really isn’t for you.  Either way, it will be a great day (or more) out and about, supporting local businesses and events.  You’ll find out a little bit more about your area and the people that call it home…

…and that’s never a waste of time!

The Deets:

Cost:  Depends :)

Hours:  Depends

Location:  Depends

Website:  n/a

This all depends on your local fair.  Google or ask around for more information!

This post is one in a series examining interesting locations in Canada and around the world.

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