“For a good time, visit the brewery.”

If Alexander Keith were still alive, I’m sure he would scrawl that in some bathroom graffiti.

Well, perhaps not, but it’s still true.

The Alexander Keith’s Brewery, on the waterfront in Halifax, Nova Scotia, is an excellent destination for an afternoon of fun.  Many guided tours can be boring, but this brewery goes out of its way to ensure the hour one spends here will not soon be forgotten.

From stones worn by horse-drawn carts to a historic video, the brewery has it all, including beer.  The tour combines the video with a cast of colourful tour guides in period costume who lead visitors through a replica, period store-front to Mr. Keith’s dining room before going through to the brewery itself.  No Nova Scotian brewery tour could be complete without a pint or two (non-alcoholic drinks are also served for minors or those who prefer not to drink) and a drinking song at the local watering hole, and the Keith’s brewery certainly doesn’t disappoint.

This tour is highly recommended for those who like beer or simply want to learn more about the city’s history.  After all, those who like it, like it a lot.

The Deets:

Cost: $15.95 (includes two rounds in the ‘pub’)

Hours: Hours fluctuate by season; check the website.  Tours run about every half hour in the summer and every hour in the winter.

Location: Lower Water Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Website: http://www.keiths.ca/

This post is one in a series examining interesting locations in Canada and around the world.

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