visiting halifax citadel

I’m pretty much up for any adventure, even if only to give myself something new and interesting to shoot each week. While my schedule and pocketbook complain each time, if I am free, I’ll accept pretty much any invitation. So it was that I ended up travelling to Halifax and visiting Halifax Citadel, a National Historic Site of Canada.

Visiting Halifax Citadel

We only spent a couple of hours at the Citadel – definitely not enough time. My first stop was the Army Museum. They have a wonderful, small scale model of the Vimy Ridge Memorial. My friend was pleased to explore it as she didn’t think she’d ever get to see it in person. The museum is quite extensive, with a lot of displays and information panels. As usual in places like this, I wish there had been a book I could buy with all the photos and information. I did feel there was a gap in their coverage, however. It seemed to skip the decades between the Korean War and this century. There was no discussion (that I saw) of the “Peacekeeping” years like Cyprus, Kosovo, etc.

My favourite part of the site is their temporary exhibit – a recreated section of trench, marking the World War One centenary period. While it was fairly pristine – a freshly built trench system in wonderful weather – it included graffiti, signs, and the cubby holes and rooms one would usually find in a system of trenches.

Many rooms in the citadel are closed to visitors, but the open doors were a free for all. They were interesting and the interpreters pleasant and knowledgeable. I was pleased that if they didn’t know the answer to something, they said so, instead of making something up. The classroom was my favourite room.

Make sure you arrive early enough to see the rifle firing in the morning and the noon cannon blast. You can even sign up to shoot your own rifle! As I mentioned, the Halifax Citadel is a National Historic Site of Canada and so entrance is free throughout 2017 to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday. Take advantage of it!

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