“We aim to be the best record store you’ve ever stepped foot in.”

Taz Records, on market street in Halifax, certainly lives up to it’s goal. It was about a year ago when, frustrated with your run of the mill record store, I turned to Twitter with a question. Is there anywhere around here with a decent selection of classical music? The classical music selection in most record/CD stores – if they have one at all in amongst the DVDs, clothes, books and games – is so small as to not be useful at all. Most of that selection is often made up of compilations which is really not my, or my mothers, thing. The twitter tribe came to the rescue with a store called “Taz Records” that might have what I was looking for.

It was a couple of months later when we finally found ourselves back in Halifax to check this store out. It was actually the same day we first went to Strange Adventures, as well as a few other new-to-us stores.

We stepped foot in the store and already it was the best record store we’d ever been in! Nothing but music lined the walls and filled the space. Half the store is filled with CDs and the rest is filled with vinyl. They sell new music from local artists but their focus is definitely used and hard to find pieces with rows and rows of used, newly released CDs and old dusty 78s.

And they have a whole room devoted to classical music.

I think we spent about two hours browsing through the store that first time, drawn mostly to the vinyl, and came away with a recording of that famous War of the Worlds radio broadcast, a record of John Williams music and some jazz records and CDs.

The selection was so great that it was almost hard for me to browse (which Is hard for me anyway) bit it was one of the best music-shopping experiences I’ve had; chatting with the great staff was fun too.

I can’t wait until I’m able to visit again – next time I’m in Halifax and actually have money to spend! If you’re a fan of great music I highly recommend this shop. If you’re not in the Halifax area, check around for a similar store in your area. You’ll be glad you did!

If it weren’t for Twitter I never would have found this store! Thanks Twitter!!! I wish I still had that original reply.

The Deets:

Twitter: @TazRecords

Web: http://www.cancart.net/tazrecords.com/

Follow me on Twitter: @AuroraLee

This is one in a series of posts about great finds discovered on or because of Twitter.

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