Trafalgar Square for Throwback Thursday

Every once in a while, I like to participate in a little Internet thread – Throwback Thursdays. It’s a fun excuse to go back through my Lightroom catalog. That catalog goes back to about 1988  – From Abbotts Langley to Trafalgar Square to Ypres. Even though I was just a kid, and certainly didn’t call myself a photographer, some of the photographs are actually pretty good. Or at least interesting.  It’s fun to find pictures of places or events that I’d completely forgotten about.

Today, let’s travel back to 1995.

A Tourist in England

St. Alban's Cathedral
St. Alban’s Cathedral

That summer, after a fun trip to Ontario with my old Venturer Scout scout troop, I flew to meet my mum in England. That was an adventure all on it’s own! At 17, it was my first time flying alone and I flew on a military transport.

It wasn’t our first time in England, however, although it had been a while and we went all out on the tourist thing. The cathedral and village of St. Albans, the Roman ruins at Verulamiam, Windsor, open air museums, the homes of several authors, and, of course, ‘all the sites’ of London.

Trafalgar Square

Of all the places we visited in London on this particular trip, Trafalgar Square is the one that stands out the most. Sure, there are the interesting buildings, Nelson’s Column, and a bagillionty-and-one pigeons. It was actually the people-watching that was most interesting, especially as I look back, years later, on the photos.

Pigeons and tourists of Trafalgar Square

Who are these people? Were they fellow tourists, or Londoners? Did they both want to be there, or did the girl, laughing and jumping and grinning ear-to-ear, drag her guardian over for some bird feeding? Where are they now and does the girl even remember doing this? I hadn’t before coming across the photo a couple of years ago.

Do you have any photos that inspire so many questions? Please share in the comments.

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