So… a little late tonight.  Still trying to catch up on blog posts after being away for a whole weekend.  Wow, I suck!

Thought I’d go for something ‘easy’ (seeing as I’m falling asleep writing this)… my top 5 travel destinations (obviously.  I mean, that is what the title of the post is, after all!).  These are five of the places I loved visiting, for one reason or another and would return to in a heartbeat!  Without any more dilly-dallying, here’s my list, in no particular order.  (Click on the links to learn more about my trips!)

SkogarfossIceland; August 2007
I keep using the word ‘magical’ to describe Iceland.  Maybe it’s a dumb adjective, maybe I’m just not creative enough to think of another word.  All I know is that it really does seem to ‘fit’.  From the rocky, almost barren landscape to the high levels of geothermal activity; the mythology and folktales to the friendly, vibrant culture of today; strolling along a busy shopping district to feeling as if you’re on top of the world as you look down from the top of a glacier… it seems as if the small, northern island has something for almost everyone.  Well, maybe not those who choose to spend their vacations laying out on a hot, sandy beach of course.   I thouroughly enjoyed the people and the scenery and I tried activities I never would have have tried otherwise.  How long does it take to swim from North America to Europe?  Visit Iceland to find out!

Prague; July – August 2000
Though I’d done plenty of travelling before visiting the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague was the first destination that really struck a cord with me.  I love the colourful buildings.  I loved all the culture – visiting symphonies and operas; there were countless things going on every night.  I love the history and the trials the country has been through.  There were so many things I loved about the place, but also so many things I could never articulate; I just… love it.  I hope one day I will be able to return, if only for a brief visit.

The ChaseYork; June 2009
The history of York dates right back to the Vikings, if not earlier, and comes right up through the Roman occupation to present day.  The historic part of the city is really geared toward this history, with many museums scattered through, especially, the old part of the city.  The most interesting aspect of the area, for me, was the architecture.  While my feet hurt by the end of the day, the ‘snickelways’ that wove through the old city are gems in terms of history and photography.  I waited years to explore this area and I definitely was not disappointed!

Normandy; April 2001
War interests me.  I don’t know why, but it does.  Could it be the philosophical questions that surround it?  Could it be trying to understand how man can fight and kill each other on such a grand scale?  Could it be the personal stories of each and every military person and civilian involved in these conflicts?  Whatever the reason – this could be a whole blog post on its own –
I find it important, interesting and inspiring; my family felt the same.  While living in Germany, we made use of all the time available to us to travel Europe, including visiting various war-time cemeteries and battlefields.  To walk along the beaches and try – unsuccessfully – to imagine what it must have been like… I think it should be mandatory for all.  Perhaps that would solve a few problems in the world?

The ClotheslineGreenland, August 2007
I suppose I could have lumped this is with Iceland, above, but I do see them very differently.
Greenland is a vast country; sprinkled with a bit of green grass and coloured flowers; covered in blue, snow-capped mountains; guarded by icebergs.  Walking around the rocky landscape that so few people have visited… you can really immerse yourself in nature; find the beauty and inspiration in the smallest things; learn lessons from the isolated culture.  Not only that, it’s a landscape photographer’s dream; so many different environments in the small area we were able to explore in the equally small amount of time we had.

Are you a traveller?  What are some of your favourite places to visit?

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