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So January on a blog often means lots of review of the past year and looking ahead to the new one. It’s no different here, so let’s jump right into it with my Top 10 Blog Posts of 2017. Last year, this blog received 3, 186 views, an average of 9 per day. Not too bad considering there were months with hardly any content. More surprising, my cross stitch blog (which was not updated at all, because I barely stitched at all last year) received 856 views, or 2 per day.

Considering how non-existent blogging has been around here in the last couple of months (and may continue to be, this last week or two notwithstanding), I wasn’t sure I’d be able to even do a ‘top five’. It turns out, I started out pretty good! Let’s get to it.

The Top 10 Blog Posts of 2017

This is a list of my top 10 blog posts, not necessarily yours. In other words, they may not be the most popular posts, but I like them. They are also in no particular order.

1./ Top Five Travel Destinations – 2017 Edition

Back in February, I revisited an old Top Five Destination post and updated it.

Top Five Travel Destinations – 2017 Edition

2./ Countdown to Germany

February was also the 20th anniversary of our move overseas. I kept a diary/journal thing back in 1997 and used it to do this update. I also posted it on Social Media each day. It was fun to revisit that busy period of my life and remind myself of things I’d done that I completely forgot about!

Countdown to Germany – Remembering my Move Overseas

3./ Vimy Book Review

I’m not really great at book reviews, and don’t actually write them that often. I did write one for Vimy, by Pierre Berton and was quite happy with it.

Vimy by Pierre Berton: Book Review

4./ Photography Tips (Series)

In order to keep content coming while I was travelling in Europe last spring, I wrote this seven-part series on travel photography.  They are actually points that I discuss in my photography workshops.

7 Lessons Learned from Travel and Photography – Lesson 7: Appreciate

5./ How to Explore the World With Photography

In a related post, I also posted this one with some additional photography tips.

5 Ways to Explore the World With Photography

6./ Desert Island Mixed Tape

Just a silly little thing with a lot of great music.

Aurora’s Desert Island Mixed Tape

7./ Dreams v. Memory

Random musings from last January.

Dreams v. Memory: Confusing truth and fiction

8./ Visiting Shakespeare and Company

These last three are all about my European vacation.  The best place to start would be Day One.

Visiting Shakespeare and Company, Paris

9./ Visiting Europe Then and Now

Many of the places I visited, I had already been to while living in Germany. I decided to try and recreate some of the photos from back then.  Some were easier than others.

Visiting Europe Then and Now – Retaking Old Photos

10./ Three Stories from Europe

Three Stories from My Trip to Europe

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