Three days in Truro

This past week, I attended a work conference in Truro, Nova Scotia. I’ve attended this conference almost every year since I started with the organization.

Last year, I facilitated a three hour intro to photography workshop. I had just a handful of participants, but they all seemed to enjoy it.

This year, I presented two sessions. The first was about travel – specifically, on finding opportunities for learning and/or giving back while travelling (or closer to home). The second was a continuation of the session from last year. Participants spent the majority of the session working on hands-on activities and assignments meant to get them thinking ‘outside the box’ and finding interesting photographic opportunities in everyday surroundings.

As I did last year, I invited all participants to join me the next morning for a photo walk to the nearby waterfall and stake park before breakfast at the conference.

Well, this year, no one showed up. That’s okay. It actually turned out to be a thing. I waited ten minutes before leaving. In that time, I took a few photos around the campus and even saw a couple of deer walk right in front of me! Cool!

Truro in Photographs

That morning, the sun was amazing – beautiful, golden light and super long shadows. Now on my own for the walk, I decided to go to the skate park first to get the awesome shadows before they disappeared, instead of with whatever time I had left after the waterfall.

Walking in TruroAfter shooting the amazing shadows in the skate park, I made my way to Victoria Park, where I planned to walk up to the falls, like I do every year. When I got there, however, I stopped and realized… I had no interest in shooting the waterfall. I’d been having a lot of fun exploring shadows, so I decided to continue doing that and explored more of downtown Truro, an area I’d never bothered to explore before. A nice, two and a half hour photo walk!

That’s a bit shorter than the day before, when I left at 4:15 to get to the Cobequid Bay Lookoff (along the Cobequid Trail) by sunrise. I got overcast-bordering-on-rain instead but it was still a great walk, followed by a quick, big breakfast and a walk to the store. I walked about fifteen kilometers before ten in the morning!
Cobequid Bay Panorama

More photos from the trip:

When was the last time you took a photo walk around a place you’ve been lots of times? What new things did you discover?

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