Given my Kickstarter addiction (why can’t I have something inexpensive, like a Pintrest addiction?) I figured a weekly(ish) post on the topic would be good.  At least then when I post about it every. single. week. it looks like it was on purpose!  Even though I don’t have a high-traffic blog, I hope it will also drive a bit more traffic to some really great projects!

“Pabst, An Excavation of Art”

Some of you may know that I really enjoy photographing the run down and derelict.  I also enjoy a good beer.  It was the first interest, however, that drew me to this project.  The project creator is looking for funds to produce a book of information and photography, along with a CD of interviews, of the Pabst brewery in Wisconsin, I believe.  Other backer rewards include items taken from the brewery during the renovation and historical documents.  If you’re interested in this type of photography or American brewery history, you should definitely check out this project!

Handcrafted Journals

I mentioned this project very briefly in a past post but I wanted to mention it again.  This journal cover project is at risk of not being funded and they look just beautiful!  They come in various sizes and are super easy to refill because, unless being actual bound journals, they are leather covers that you slip a journal into.  It’s really the best of both worlds: beautiful leather journal + refillable + the notebook of your choice = notebook win!  Depending on your level, they are completely customizable.  A must have, in my opinion, for any one who likes to use and/or carry around a notebook.  Heck, you might even be able to put reading books in these covers too (which would be handy if you’re reading something slightly embarrassing :P )

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