At the end of March, I started a new experiment – streaming live on Twitch.


Studio almost finished.

To prepare for this new challenge, I rearranged my entire apartment to create a studio in my living room with its large picture window and better light. This also had the added benefit of creating a guest room! Previously, guests had to stay in the living room. Who wants to do that?

As it stands, there’s lots of room near that big window for photography, but also room to bring in more equipment if needed.  It’s pretty good! I just need additional or better light for shooting or streaming at night or rainy days, and some better streaming equipment (web cams and supplies). I’ll wait on those upgrades until I have a better ideas how this experiment will go.

Streaming on Twitch

But, okay, what does ‘streaming on Twitch’ actually mean?

Twitch is an online live streaming platform. People all over the world stream almost any aspect of their lives, live on the Internet. Most of the channels on the service specialize in video games – commentary, reviews, and actually playing those games live on camera. The Creative community is also a growing segment of the site.Almost anything you can imagine – someone streams it on Twitch.

I’ve been following quite a few channels for a while – mostly podcasts to start. I began thinking it might be a good way (or at least a different way) to create time lapses of LEGO builds and that’s what I started out doing.

I can’t afford to buy enough LEGO sets to stream that every week, though, so I’m also doing photo editing and cross stitch. I’m trying to stream three times a week, although I don’t have a set schedule yet.

Twitch Goals

Twitch has different levels for its creators:

  1. New streamers
  2. Twitch Affiliate streamer
  3. Twitch Partner streamer

A creator/streamer can begin to monetize the channel at the affiliate level. At that point, viewers can support the streamer by subscribing or donating ‘bits’. Twitch will take its cut of those transactions, of course, but the stream does get something and something is better better than nothing!

My goal is to reach Affiliate status by the beginning of August. To there, I need:

  1. An average of three viewers per stream
  2. 50 followers

How can you help? Easy!

  • Check my Twitter stream or Twitch channel for my streaming schedule each week and tune in! No account required. :)
  • Go ahead and create a free account and follow me – also free! You’ll get email notifications when I go live, but you can also turn these off.

After I reach Affiliate status, I will work on upgrading some of my equipment.

Do you stream? Got any advice for new streamers?

See you online!

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