Well, this blog post is a bit late in coming, thanks to some technical issues. But, hey, good things come to those who wait! Things like this Star Wars Force Crystal time lapse!

For Christmas, my brother gave me this Star Wars ‘Lightsaber Crystal Growing Lab‘. Before I unwrapped it, he said “I bought this for you to do something with.”  Well, alrighty then. When I unwrapped a crystal lab, I was reminded of the crystal gardens we made as kids, back in the day with lots of stuff from the forest and a bunch of chemicals. “I thought you could do a time lapse.” What a great idea!

Star Wars Force Crystal Time Lapse

I didn’t get started on it right away. First, I made a little photo studio so that I had a nice, consistent place to take the photos. (I did a behind-the-scenes post about the studio for Patrons.) Once that was ready, it was time to make some crystals!

crystal kit

You mix the water and chemicals in the container and then… wait. I decided to take photos twice a day – first thing in the morning and then around supper – usually about twelve hours apart. After about a week and a half, I dumped out the water and waited some more.  I was actually surprised how much the crystals grew between each photo.

The thing that makes this a ‘Star Wars’ crystal growing thing is the LED lights. Blue for the light side of the Force, and red for the dark side, of course.

It was a fun little project. Thanks, Brother, for the gift!

star wars force crystal time lapse


Funny that all my time lapses are star wars related… Any other suggestions? I’m thinking a cross stitch one eventually…

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