Well, those of you that folow me on Twitter or facebook may know that I’ve been wrestling with some decisions this week.  Namely:  Do I go back to school or not… I’ve been going back and forth but right now I’m thinking… no.  I might take a few courses or woskhops here and there and funding allows but at this time I’m not going back to take an actual program.  I was looking at Web Design and Database Management courses.  Well, I don’t actually want to do that as an actual job, just have those skills that I can use in my current job, so I’ve decided to put that aside for now.  Of course I may change my mind in the future!

So for now I’ve ordered some books from the library and Amazon and we’ll see how that goes.  Hopefully with my new workd schedule I’ll be able to put in the time to read and take in that info.  And stitch.  And work on Star Wars stuff.  And write. And… sigh.  I have too many damn interests!!!  Perhaps I’m simply making up for all those people who don’t have any hobbies?  Ah well, at least I’m having fun!

Oh and just for anyone out there who might be thinking this about yourself or someone else… YOU’RE NEVER TOO OLD TO GO TO SCHOOL!!! Someone said that to me yesterday when I said I was thinking of going back.  I was told to ‘grow up’, ‘move on’.  sigh.  They also said something along the lines of ‘why would you want to spend all this money to learn stuff for a temp. job’.  O.o  you think my current job is the only place that has or wants websites and databases??

ANYWAY, on to other things. :D  Last week I added a post in the travel section about my trip to Los Angeles.  Go check it out. :D  Hopefully in the next few weeks I’ll have the Chicago trip done and maybe even my trip out west… although that’s probably pushing it.

I also added a new photo to the “lights” section of the photo gallery.  FYI, I’m looking for a different programme or template or something for that section, I think it looks ugly right now. lol So if you go there and find it’s different, don’t freak. :D

Fairy Idyll at 90 hours
Fairy Idyll at 90 hours

Finally, I added a progress picture for my Fairy Idyll cross stitch picture.  YES!  Finally!! A cross stitch update!!  lol Here’s a little peak.  Click on the link to go to the project page for other progress pics and more information.

That’s it for now!  Later peeps!

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