Ross Farm Museum in Winter

If you’ve been following along at all, you will probably have heard that I was a bit disappointed with January. Snowshoeing was cancelled; photos of Ross Farm Museum in winter were really not going to happen. By mid-February, the snow had finally arrived, but I realized that I really did not have time to spend a day travelling to the museum. It would have to wait until next winter.

Then a friend invited me to the museum with her family. Well, I thought to myself, if they’re going anyway and don’t mind me tagging along… I can’t really pass that up! So to the museum I went!

Ross Farm Museum in Winter

Yes, the museum is open through the winter, but with reduced hours and services. You can visit the main building (with temporary art exhibits, and the gift shop), the workshop (with demonstrations each weekend), the cottage (where you can sample tasty treats), and the barn. In lieu of wagon rides, they have something even better – sleigh rides through the otherwise untouched areas of the museum grounds and forest.

We arrived right after they opened and we headed straight for the horses and sleigh, which seemed to have just finished hitching up. We got the first ride of the day, all by ourselves. It was a beautiful, quite, surprisingly smooth, sleigh ride through the grounds and forest, tree branches heavy with snow.
The Sleigh Ride

As I mentioned, they have demonstrations each weekend and this week was snowshoes, so we headed to the workshop next to check out the gentleman making a traditional snowshoe.

The Shoe MakerThey had some older pairs of snowshoes available for people to try and so we played around with those for a while. Next, we stopped into the cottage, one of my favourite buildings at the museum, with the antique furniture and beautiful light. They were preparing lunch for the staff and we were offered hot chocolate and biscuits and jam. They always serve such tasty treats in the cottage! (Perhaps that’s another reason it’s one of my favourite buildings.)
Biscuits and Jam

The last stop on our winter museum tour was to visit the animals in the barn.

Barn Light
(I loved the light streaming in through the barn doors.)

Wrapping Up

We ended our excursion with a wonderful lunch at the Peasant’s Pantry. I had your basic hamburger and fries, but they have other wonderful treats, like falafel. You can also buy meat to take home. It’s all about local food, in a cosy environment, just a couple minute’s walk from the museum.
Peasant's Pantry

Ross Farm is a gem, just half an hour out of Kentville. Activities, animals, sleigh and wagon rides, hiking trails. There’s something for everyone! I highly recommend it. With all their events and demonstrations, it’s got all kids of re-visit value. I even bought a season pass to just this museum!

I’d love to see your photos, or hear your stories, from the museum.


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