Today, Star Wars returned to the big screen.  In 3D.  Starting with The Phantom Menace.

So… guess where I spent my night?  It was SO awesome (wizard?) to see Star Wars on the big screen.  Despite what may or may not be ‘wrong’ with the movie, it’s the freakin’ ‘Wars, man!  How can any fan pass up the chance to see it ‘live’ again?  Episode 1 is my least favourite movie of the saga, but that kind of made seeing it in the theatre that much better.  It’s been years since I watched that movie (I only have it on VHS… lies, I have the Blu-Ray set, but no player to watch it on) so there were surprises (or at least ‘things-I’d-forgotten-about’). Also, since the last time I watched it I’ve learned a bit more about the characters from conventions, the Force Cast, books and The Clone Wars so I was all ‘hey that’s so and so’ and it was fun to pick out all the sounds and lines used in the regular Force Cast clips.  I loved hearing John William’s score (though the movie wasn’t loud enough imo) and picking out the Wilhelm Scream.

Normally I despise going to the movies when I think there’s going to be a lot of kids there, but with Star Wars, it’s different.  It was great to see the parents taking their kids to see the movie, hearing them reminence about seeing the saga ‘when I was your age’ and also so fun to see the kids into it.  It’s not just the cartoon that kids are into.

I’m so glad Lucas brought Star Wars back to the theatre!  (even if I could have done without the 3D, but at least it wasn’t blurry.)  While, yes, it does but lots more money back in his pocket – why is this a bad thing?  I’m all for spending a few bucks each year to see my favourite movies again and it’s great to be able to introduce the saga, on the big screen, to the Clone Wars generation.

In the immortal words of Jimmy Mac:

Star Wars is Forever

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