28 July – 2 August 2000

OTHER LINKS: Czech Republic; Prague


We departed Germany in the evening to drive overnight to Prague.


PragueWe arrived in Prague and had the afternoon to look around before going to the hotel for supper. The architecture is wonderful in the city, most of the buildings in pastel colours. It really is a beautiful, cultural city that I’d love to live in! There are so many wonderful buildings that you will need a large film budget! There were so many things (operas, plays, musical performances) that within an hour we had a handful of leaflets. We looked around for shopping but didn’t really buy anything.


In the morning we had a guided walking tour of the city. Our first stop was Prague castle. We did not go in, but admired the view (high above the city) and watched the changing of the guard, in their lovely blue uniforms. Next was a trip to St. Vitus Cathedral, although we didn’t go inside, and down quaint Golden Lane, there was an interesting armoury museum there, but I didn’t go in, today, because of the. Two very intersting bridges that you should cross are the Czech (or Angel) Bridge and the Charles Bridge. We wound our way back through the city to the Astronomical clock in time to hear it chime. That was the end of our tour and we had the afternoon free. We had a bite to eat and looked around some more. This afternoon we visited Wenscelas Square. Here we saw the memorial to some students who were killed in a protest against the Russians, a statue to King Wenscelas, and the National Museum (in the order in the picture). We also stopped to have a drink at Jaromir Jagr’s Sport bar, as well as an english tea room. In the evening, we went to the expo center to watch a very good water/light show. Near the entrance is a statue of a hockey, signed by great hockey players including Mario Lemiux.

Changing of the GuardWenceslas Square


Jewish CemetaryIn the morning we visited the very intersting Jewish Ghetto and Cemetary and other intersting places in that area. For lunch we all took a boat cruise down the river. During the trip down we ate our lunch below and for the trip back we ventured to the deck to look at the wonderful buildings and scenery. The afternoon found us on the other side of the river, going into the wonderful St. Vitus Cathedral and the armoury museum. We walked around to look at the other sites in this area and ventured back to the other side of the river. In the evening we met up with some friends for a quartet performance at St. Gaii church. Afterwards we ate at a nearby Italian resturaunt before heading to the Estates Theatre (across from the church) for a great performance of Don Giovanni. Then it was back to the hotel (on the trams) for drinks and bed.


In the morning we had a bus tour of the city and the afternoon we did SHOPPING!! In the evening, we went to a Czech cutural show at the Hotel Pyramida.


Home time, unfortunately.

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