Back in 2014, I wrote this post about the photographic goals and struggles I had at that time. I haven’t actually progressed much since that post, mostly because I really didn’t shoot much in 2015 (that month I was out of the country aside). I thought I would readdress that post for two reasons. First, I randomly came across it the other day and thought it was interesting. Second, because I’m “auditing” (really just following along and paying attention to the things that interesting me) this course from Coursera. The first assignment asked some of the same questions.

First, I think I will rehash that old post; see where I’m at now.


  1. Finding a balance between unique/interesting to me and to others.
    Maybe I’m starting to see that the balance is there more than I already thought. I mean, I haven’t had feedback on all the photos I’ve posted – I’ve posted a lot, after all – but I’ve been pleased with the feedback I’ve received on things such as my calendars.
  2. Sharp images
    I realized this is a focus issue. Clearly I have a problem with manual focus that I can’t see in camera; only on a big screen. Now, I use auto focus when I’m able. (That is – I only have one lens with AF and sometimes it won’t focus on something that I am able to do manually.)
  3. Marketing
    Yeeeaaah, so… no progress on this one.


  • Think before I shoot
    I definitely need to continue to work on this. I need to ‘practice’ when I have time to take things slow and this will help when I need to shoot faster.
  • More Photo Walks
    2015 saw very little shooting. I’ve done quite a bit so far this year (at least, comparatively speaking), but there should be more! And I should travel outside my town and visit new places or favourite places.

Photography Assignment

So, the assignment was to go out and take photos on automatic after answering a few questions.

What are my photography goals?

Well, I answered that above.

What are my photography passions?

Hmm, I always thought the ‘goals’ question was hard, but I find this one even more difficult. I enjoy capturing details, when I see them (see goal #1, above); architecture; capturing a moment in time – a story, whether truth or fiction. Capturing history as it looks today; trying to honour the memory of that history. Have I succeeded? Debatable. Is that passion? Maybe.


I just answered this, sorta. But when I actually take the time to reflect on my photography (as I said, I need to work on that) and the things and places I have seen in pursuit of my photography, it’s really kind of amazing. Sometimes that’s in a good way; other times, not so good. I reflect on the space I am shooting – who walked there before me, who lived and died there, what the rest of the world things about this space, what this space could be like if history had gone differently.

Other times, it’s just plain fun.

The Photo Assignment

Broad Stripes and [Rusty] Stars
Broad Stripes and [Rusty] Stars
For my assignment, I went to shoot the aircraft at the Greenwood Aviation Museum. I tried to focus on the details, as much as I could with one lens and snow at my feet and in the air, and it was kinda cold.

And then there was the ice… always wear your camera strap, kids. I did not. That was so close to a very expensive outing.

While the lesson taught all the manual settings, the assignment asked me to shoot in auto, so that I would concentrate on composition. Nice idea in theory; not so good when shoot dark aircraft in a blizzard. I compromised and shot on Aperture Priority, which was still more ‘auto’ than usual for me.

My favourite of the set was this one. The Stars and Stripes were not the RCAF roundel I would have preferred to shoot, but I could not deny this was much more interesting. I loved the peeling and crackling paint, the rust, the rivets, the snow.  And the stories… what is the true story behind this particular aircraft fuselage? (I didn’t have time to go in the museum, or I would have asked.) What stories can it inspire?

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