It’s summer and gross and distrusting and hot. Let’s think forward to a cooler, more comfortable time of year. This was originally posted 19 December 2010 on my, now defunct, Aurora’s Creative Corner blog.

The calm of fresh fallen undisturbed snow on a field as it glows orange or pink with the rising morning sun.

Sunrise over DetroitThe beauty of branches still heavy with that fresh snow before the wind and the sun scare it away.

Long shadows of those trees cast on pure white.

Ghostly footprints – all that remains of the kindred spirit that arrived before you.

Puppies bounding through the snow drifts as they blaze a trail ahead of you.

Patterns of frost on the windows; patterns of ice on the river and ice flows piling up against the banks and the bridge.

A child’s snow fort guarded by a trusty snowman.

Snow angels.


What isn’t there to love about the beauty of winter?  There is no way to find these things in any other season and no way to experience them but to get outside of your house.

The problem with winter photography is that… well… as much as I don’t mind the cold I enjoy the warmth of my house more!  But I simply MUST get off me arse more in the winter and get out there and take some photos!  You know… if we ever GET winter.  I can always reward myself with a mug of hot chocolate and toasty warm blankie when I get home AND I’ll have (one can only hope) great pictures to show for my sacrifice!

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