I recently took advantage of a 5 Day (Photography) Deal. While most of the digital items I received in that purchase have been saved in a folder for me to (totally – really!) look at ‘later’, one item has been keeping itself in view.

Part of the deal was a couple of issues of the digital Clarity magazine and I signed up for the email list.  The first email asked two questions and thought that might be a good subject for a blog post.

  1. Photographically speaking, what are you struggling with right now?
  2. What are your photographic goals?

These are both, at the same time, easy and difficult questions.  They are also important questions if I wish to become a better photographer – and I do!


Artistically, I struggle to find a balance between photos that are unique and interesting, but also pleasing to someone other than myself.

Technically, I feel that many of my photos look ‘flat’ (exposure issue?) and I also struggle to produce consistently sharp images.

Personally, I struggle with marketing and promoting myself.  I’ve progressed quite a bit in this area this year, however, so… baby steps. :)


My main goal at the moment is to be more mindful of what I’m shooting.  I generally hate that term as it brings up notions of mushy self-help books and experts, but I can’t think of a better word at the moment.  I believe my composition skills are good enough that I can just shoot and it will more or less be an interesting photo.  I’m not sure that’s enough.  I feel like the photos could be much better if I stopped and asked questions:

  • What do I want the viewer to feel when s/he looks at the photo?
  • If I do X, it will cause the viewer to feel/do Y.
  • Can I tell more of a story if I compose the shot in a different way?
  • How can I create more interesting contrast in the photo?
  • How can I use natural light more effectively?

Sometimes I think of asking these questions, but I feel rushed – someone’s waiting for me, I’m on my way to work, etc. and I don’t take the time.  So, another goal, is more long, solitary photo walks. :)

What about you?  What struggles and goals do you have in your photography, writing, or other creative pursuit?

Beach and village of Peggy's Cove

In Other News…

I finally put up my shots from September’s Peggy’s Cove shoot.  Check out Flickr!

Looking for Holiday gifts and cards?  I’ve still got 2015 calendars (that’s the year, not how many I have in stock!), Winter holiday cards, and more up on my eBay store.  Patrons will receive a discount! :)


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