October Monthly Review

October has been a super busy month, y’all. You don’t even know. But I suppose that’s just par for the course for me lately. For my October Monthly Review, I’m trying something new (again). As I mentioned in my last review, I’m totally obsessed with looking over my web and flickr stats. I’ve decided to move some of my ‘favourites’ and interesting web stats in a separate review post. Maybe no one else finds that interesting but, you know, it’s my blog, so there! :P

October Monthly Review

Miner's Break Time
On the 1st, I kicked off the month by hosting a photowalk around Kentville. Earlier that day, I also had a table at our local Harvest Fest. It was my first time doing anything like that and I broke even, which was actually way better than I expected!

Overexposed Faerie
The next weekend, Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada, my family and I went on a fun ‘Fairy Walk’ in Black Rock. You can view more photos from that walk on Flickr.

Autumn Blur
And the weekend after THAT I, once again, shot the Broken Leg Theatre variety show.

Over 90
Yes, I had something going on every weekend this month. Like I said, I was busy. On the 22nd I checked out the Open House at Gaspereau Press. It was part of their Wayzgoose celebrations.

Soldier's Social No. 3
I rounded out the month by shooting the Soldier’s Social, a Kings County Museum fundraiser. I was invited at the last minute as a second photographer and it was a lot of fun! Again, my favourite photos of the night are over on Flickr.

Cross Stitch

I’ve started Chatelaine’s Evening in the Park. No progress photos, yet.



I finished this book:

The Metamorphosis and Other Stories

And started this one:


Also, I wrote a review for Empires of the Dead, which I finished last month.


My Favourite Things

Social Media Share


Blog Post

I chose this post because it’s a great lesson for everyone! No matter what gadgets you use. Also, it’s the first official post in a series documenting my recent trip to Turkey and Morocco.  You know, if by ‘recent’ you mean over a year ago. :P

Charge Your Batteries, Kids.

On the Horizon

I anticipate November being just about as busy, though with more projects and less events (so far, anyway). I’ve had projects on my to-do list that I wanted to get done by the end of August here it is November and I’ve still got some of those to do plus more!  I’m actually taking some vacation days this month to try and help knock some of those out.

Specifically (and with a bit of short notice!) I will be presenting a short (10-12 minutes) slide show of some of my photographs from around Nova Scotia. This will happen this coming Wednesday, 2 November during the monthly meeting of the Kings County Photography Club at NSCC Kingstec. The meeting is from 7-9 pm. I’m not sure exactly what time I’ll be presenting, but feel free to come on out! Guests are welcome. :)

I’ll also participate in this month’s Photo Ex at the Port Pub, come out on the 2nd and 3rd of November and vote for your favourite photo!

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