5 – 13 August 2002

OTHER LINKS: Canada; Nova Scotia

5 AUGUST 2002

This was the first day of our vacation. We picked up a rental car in town and drove to Yarmouth, NS. We drove around the town, had something to eat, but mainly stayed in the hotel. (Raining heavily).

6 AUGUST 2002
LINKS: Yarmouth; Historical Gardens.

After checking out of the hotel, we drove to the ferry terminal where we picked up my uncle and his family who had traveled in on the Scotia Prince lines from Portland, Maine. From here, we drove to Annapolis Royal. We visited the historical site of Ft. Anne and looked around town. After lunch at the pub in town we headed home. Ft. Anne was very interesting, right on the Annapolis River; and the area had been controlled by Mi’kmaq Indians, Acadians, French & English throughout its lifetime. Queen Victoria’s father built the main building. The actual fort will soon celebrate it’s 400th anniversary. Not very old by ‘old world’ standards, but pretty old for over here! Also in town is the Historical Gardens, an okay historical example of gardens and plants but not close to the nicest I’ve seen.

7 AUGUST 2002
LINKS: Peggy’s Cove; Sou’Wester Resturant & Gift Shop, Peggy’s Cove; Nova Scotia’s South Shore; Mahone Bay; Lunenburg

Peggy's CoveThis was a long day. Our first stop was Peggy’s Cove, a very picturesque cove and lighthouse near Halifax, and one of the province’s most visited tourist attractions. From there we drove to Mahone Bay to quickly look around that interesting town. Our last stop was Lunenburg. This town is the ‘home base’ for Canada’s most famous ship the “Bluenose II” a replica of the famous Bluenose (which can be seen on the ten cent pieces of our money) that was a racing “tall” ship. Of course, it was in another port this day! We did some walking around. We visited the site of St. John’s Anglican Church, built in 1753. This beautiful church was destroyed by fire last October, and they are now trying to rebuild it using as much material as could be salvaged from the fire.

Lunenburg AcademyAnother interesting building in the town is the Lunenburg Academy which is a regular, public elementary school. After looking at this building, we went back to the waterfront to have supper before traveling back home.

8 AUGUST 2002
LINKSUpper Clements Park.

We spent half of this day at Upper Clements Park near Annapolis Royal. This park has a nice Wildlife Park, which has many (mostly) North American animals. The main park is made of up rides, which are mostly geared toward younger teenagers and children. There is a wooden roller coaster, a flume, two mini golf courses and a few water-based rides (bumper boats, pedal boats etc.) as well and a train and other kiddie rides. Most of the buildings are replicas of interesting or historical buildings that could once be found in Nova Scotia. There are a few restaurants, many arts & crafts type shops, and at art Gallery. The rest of the day was spent relaxing.

9 AUGUST 2002

We all drove to North Sydney in Cape Breton where we would be staying for a few days. We checked into the hotel, then drove to the town of Sydney to explore for the evening. We had supper, then watched an outdoor concert with many bands, including Great Big Sea. After taking a walk along the boardwalk we returned to the hotel.

10 AUGUST 2002
LINKS: Cape Breton Island; Baddeck; Bluenose II; Parks Canada (Alexander Graham Bell Museum).

Today we drove the Cabot Trail, one of the most scenic drives in Canada. Our first stop was Baddeck where we were finally able to see the Bluenose II, and were able to walk around it. We also visited the Alexander Graham Bell Museum. Mr. Bell spent the last 37 years of his life in this area, living and experimenting. The museum was very informative, and did not solely discuss the telephone, but his many other experiments, inventions and accomplishments, including teaching. We continued to drive around the trail, through the National Park (which costs $8.00 to enter) making many stops to admire and photograph the wonderful scenery. We did stop in Margaree Harbour to look at its TWO lighthouses and have lunch. We also made a stop at Cabot’s Landing to read the markers and look at the scenery. We even saw a seal in the distance!! We wanted to spend more time and make more stops, but my uncle’s family weren’t very interested.

11 AUGUST 2002

After checking out of the hotel, we drove to Halifax to spent another couple of nights. While we were in town, a Busker Festival was going on. That was kind of interesting, although we didn’t have a lot of time to watch them. We walked around the waterfront a bit before going to O’Carrolls to eat supper and go back to the hotel.

12 AUGUST 2002
LINKS: Halifax; Maritime Museum of the Atlantic; Casino Nova Scotia.

We got up and went shopping around the Historic Properties and the waterfront. We just had time to visit the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic before we had to take my uncle’s family to the airport. This was a very interesting museum, much better than I expected it to be, they had a lot of information on the various war vessels that were built or docked here. There was quite a bit about the Halifax Explosion that occurred in the first part of the 1900’s. There was also quit a bit about the Titanic, and many other shipwrecks (there are many in Nova Scotia’s waters). Most of the bodies recovered from the Titanic were brought to Halifax and hundreds are buried there.

After returning from the airport, we changed and went to the Casino where we had dinner and played some slot machines before returning the hotel.

13 AUGUST 2002

Checked out of the hotel and returned home.

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