So… I’m suppose to be saving money and paying off cards so I can travel this year.  So isn’t this just the perfect time for a new, costly, obsession!!??  (I suck…)

In the last two and a half months I’ve purchased a dozen fountain and dip pens as well as several bottles of ink.  Some were cheap, others expensive.  Some I ended up not liking.  One’s an antique.

Now, I’m not new to fountain pens; I’ve been using them for years.  But now, I pretty much use them all the time.  I have have two really cheap ones that I take back and forth to work.  I got a lot more into it, though, after reading someone’s post on the NaNoWriMo forums about them and linked to a great online store that sells pens and ink.  That store – The Goulet Pen Company – has received a LOT of my money since then! They have a great selection of pens, paper and ink, including ink samples and even an ink samples of the month club.  Their customer service is second to none and their shipping is reasonable and packed so well I’m sure the packages are indestructible (as well as making for a fun game of ‘hot potato’!)

I’d begun to think that it was impossible to get normal, inexpensive, every day pens in North America so I’m glad I’ve found this store and a few others.  In Germany, I could buy them in the stationary section of the grocery store!

So far my favourite pens are my Victorian dip pen and my Noodler’s Ahab Flex (which actually surprised me).

Are you a fountain pen user?  What is your favourite pen and ink?  Where do you shop?

2 thoughts on “New Year, New… Obsessions?”

  1. I love fountain pens but as I have had them fail on me (the kind you can travel with, non dip kind) I stopped carrying them around with me. I almost never get to use my dip pens but reading this and seeing your collection first hand last November I want to… perhaps instead of painting my signature on my watercolors from now on I will use my dip pens from venice?

  2. argh. totally missed your comment!

    I totally love my pens! I carry two or three in my bag back and forth to work now and use them almost exclusively there as well. If I were going to travel long distances (like on a plane or something) I would definitely choose wisely and pack well!

    Signing your art with a dip pen or brush pen would be great! And there’s lots of examples or beautiful drawings made with flex nibs.

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