Another weekend, another weekly round up!

Visitors to my Photography section will now notice a BIG change!  I really wasn’t happy with the photo gallery I originally chose when I moved over to this new host.  I’ve since found a theme I like much better.  Hopefully you all will too.  I welcome comments on it!

I haven’t escaped the cold computer lab of job #2 for long as I’ll be starting back at the job on Tuesday. :D  woo!  It’s just for a couple of days ever other week, but the money will be very helpful and I did quite enjoy the work.

Last update for this week… I added a little drabble “Love” that is still open to viewing by the general public for a few more days.  Just check out the creative corner section of my site to read it. :)  Comments welcome!

Hope everyone has a great Easter if you celebrate it. :)

Currently Listening to:  Live Now ~ Paul Brandt

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