I just felt like saying this… and it was too many characters for Twitter.  :)

I really dislike this movement toward paying for plastic bags at the grocery store.  I mean, I’m use to it.  I had to do it in Winnipeg years ago, and Europe.  But I just don’t see the point.  It should be a cost of doing business… If it’s an environmental tax, call it that.  If I’m given the option I shop where they don’t charge me.  I use plastic or reusable or nothing depending on my needs.

But see… when you’re doing a big shopping, how do you know how many bags you want? And those reusable ones are WAY too big!  When I was a cashier I hated them – they didn’t fit in the bag holder space, and they were cumbersome to pack.  And speaking of packing, because they’re so huge you fill ’em and can’t carry the darn things!  Sorry, I’m short, they drag on the ground. lol And they’re heavy.  But they’re WAY to expensive to only have fill.

Some people walk you know. ;)

Plastic keeps your stuff dry too!  Doesn’t get wet like cloth ones and are easier to bunch up so the rain doesn’t get in than the ‘reusable’ ones.

Cloth ones aren’t too bad, they’re usually smaller and they’re fine for small shopping trips.  I use them or my back pack quite often when I’m just buying a few things.  But um… EW if you’re buying meat or something.

“Reusable” ones are made out of – you guessed it, plastic.  SOME stores have lifetime warranties on them.  Great.  But recyling programs – at the store and in your own garbage collection – have been in place for ages with obviously limited success.  If people didn’t recylce bags before why would they now?  That’s one problem.  The other problem is that not all stores will do that.  So the bag gets too gross or breaks and guess where it goes?  Yep.  The landfill.  It’s possible those plastic/cloth combo ones are recyclable in your garbage, but they don’t really like cloth in that bag at the curb.

In my opinion, the best course of action are the regular but biodegradable plastic bags that I’ve noticed many stores starting to use.  THAT’S the way to go.  Then, because bags are going to end up in the landfill anyway, they will biodegrade. (btw, all garbage bags should be this biodegradable plastic as well)

Besides… what am I suppose to use in my garbage now?

Or *GASP* go back to paper.  For the love of pete they were made from recycled paper in the first place!  They were in turn easily recyclable or biodegradable!  (and they fit in kitchen garbage too!)

SIGH.  Anyway, that’s my rant.  Thanks. :)

One thought on “My unsolicited stance on shopping bags”

  1. Back on the island, you didn’t pay for plastic bags (though I hear they’re implementing it there too), so when we got out here to Fort Mac, I was puzzled when the cashier asked me how many bags I wanted – and then learned why. (Of course, we also didn’t have the self checkouts like they do here and those – heh. Quite fun to me, much to the amusement of my husband who’d been here a year already and didn’t find them quite so “cool” to play ’round with LOL)

    I can tell ya from what I see here – doesn’t look like charging for the bags has changed anything.. they’re still wasted, tossed away everywhere.

    I’ve always either recyled (they went in blue bags on the island) leftover plastic bags or re-used them — taking some to yard sales with me, using them for cat litter cleanup, etc.. I never (and still don’t) just unload my groceries and fire ’em in the trash. I’ve got a massive pile in the closet right now, waiting for another use.. sometimes I drop a pile off at the thrift shop, as they’re always in need of bags.

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