17 October, 2013 – Wellington

Busy day today.  I got up early and headed out to check out/shoot all the things I was supposed to do yesterday before I turned into a stupid person.

Around Wellington - City to Sea bridgeI headed straight to the New Zealand parliament building (a.k.a. The Beehive) and then made my way back to the visitor’s centre.  It is situated near a very large square with a lot of interesting architecture and art installations such as the City to Sea Bridge and a floating globe.  After picking up my notebook and having breakfast at the nearby Clarke’s Cafe, I continued on to the rest of my exploring.

I ended up at te Papa – New Zealand’s National Museum.  This museum is more or less free (it’s free, but some exhibits do have a fee) but I had not planned on going inside, especially as I visited the museum in Rotorua.  However, they did have a souvenir shop and I was still looking for a nice wool sweater so I went in to check out the shop and buy my wool.  They also had a cafeteria so I stopped for a snack.  The cafeteria had a patio with what looked like a park so I went to check it out.  It wasn’t really a park at all, but the outdoor portion of the natural history part of the museum.  It wound its way up to the top floor of the museum so I did end up going in and made my way down through the exhibits to the exit.  It seemed like an excellent museum and if I’m ever back in Wellington, I will make sure to spend a full day there.

After that it was once again time to head back to Clarke’s Cafe to attend a writer’s meet up, which was quite fun.


Impressions: Still loving the city!

Daily Casualties: None

Walked: about 7 miles

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