22 October, 2013 – Leaving New Zealand

(to the tune of “Leaving Las Vegas”)

It’s my last day in New Zealand.  :'( x infinity

Remarkable FrameI got up early-ish (I would have an early morning the next day, so wanted to relax) and checked out of my hotel.  I took one last wander around town and through the gardens before I headed to the waterfront for my lake cruise.  There are several companies that offer ‘cruises’ of Lake Wakatipu, whether it’s on an old steam boat, a jet boat, or something in between.  I’d been thinking of doing a lake tour since Rotorua, where I was going to have a dinner/sun-set tour… but then didn’t.  I chose the Southern Discoveries crew for the length of the trip, as well as the route.  All of them pretty much just do a loop around the Queenstown/Frankton/Frankton Arm area, but this tour sounded more scenic than the others.  They provided tea and biscuits and free entry to a nearby observatory.

We learned a lot about the local area and the lake (it’s a very deep lake!).  It was a great tour and a nice little cap to my time in Queenstown and New Zealand.  Of course, the scenery was amazing, but there was not really any doubt about that.

After getting off the boat, I went to visit this ‘underwater observatory’.  Basically, they created a ‘basement’ to a wharf kiosk with windows to check out the fish near the shore.  Entry to this would normally be $5 and I’m glad I didn’t pay anything for it – not worth it.  (Also, there wasn’t even anyone there to take my money).  But, for free, it was kinda fun!  I was there with a family with a couple of young children who came off of the cruise with me.  The fish were much bigger than I expected!  They had a feeder that you put money in to release food and bring the fish – and ducks! – to the viewing area.  The family paid for one feeding and the kids loved it.  It was really quite fun to see the kids react to the big fish.  They wanted mum and dad to feed the fish again, so I stepped in and paid that time.  After all, I was getting some fun out of it, too!


After that, it was time to head back to the hotel and wait for my airport shuttle. :(

Also, I was not a fan of Queenstown airport.  There seemed to be no order.  And no one really seemed to know anything.  Sigh.  But I finally arrived in Cairns (via Brisbane) around 10pm.  Then, to sleep!


Impressions: Can I go back now, please?

Daily Casualties: Nothing :)

Walked: Not much

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