20 October, 2013 – Queenstown, New Zealand

Mixed emotions about arriving in Queenstown: It was at the top of my list of things I wanted to see in New Zealand… and it was also my last stop before leaving the country.  I only had two and a half days here.

Walking TrailI spent quite a bit of time on this first morning in Queenstown just relaxing and having breakfast and deciding what to do for the day.  The region has great walking trails that connect several of the surrounding towns and I decided to walk to Arrowtown, a tour of which had been on my original ‘maybe I’ll do this is Queenstown’ list but I cut.  I thought about doing it the next day, but it was supposed to rain so I decided to do it this day. Though the walking trail was signposted, I wanted to find a map of it. First for my ‘scrapbook’* and second (and probably most important) in case I got lost between signs.  All I could find was a leaflet that I’d printed out before the trip with the trails in Queenstown itself.  For anything more I got bumped around to three different places in town (which wasted a lot of time) and finally came to a place that had real hiking maps for sale.  That wasn’t really what I was looking for.

I gave up and just hoped I’d be able to follow the signs.

IncomingThat worked just fine until I came to a fork in the path and no sign telling me where to go.  I saw someone coming from the higher path so I went that way.  It was the wrong way.  It ended up, as I realized later, leading me to the end of the airport runway.  It was a nice and interesting walk, but not where I planned on going.

By the time I got back to the fork, I knew that I wouldn’t have time to make it to the next town and back before dark.  Not only had I started out later than planned, and took the wrong path, I was feeling crappy and moving quite slow.  Because of that, I didn’t follow the right trail even part way; I just turned back to Queenstown.

Back in town, I ate at an Irish Pub (most of the places I ate at on my trip were pubs) and had some lamb.  I figured I couldn’t leave New Zealand without eating lamb!

* My scrapbook is really just a binder with all the brochures and stuff in page protectors.


Impressions: Can I go back now, please?

Daily Casualties: None

Walked: Can you believe I left the pedometer at the hotel!? But I think about 18 miles.

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