Right now, I work as an Administrative Assistant at a local college.  I love my job and it really is the perfect job for me.  I have a fairly flexible work schedule, the perfect balance of human contact, the freedom to take initiative, learn new things and incorporate my interests into my position.  It’s the ideal job for me… but it’s not my favourite job.

I hope everyone has had a job they can look back on with fondness; a job they would take again, squeeing with excitement (on the inside at least) that they had the opportunity.  If you haven’t yet, I hop you are able to experience this before you retire.  It doesn’t have to be a paying gig, either; ;perhaps it was a volunteer positions, they are often the most rewarding anyway.  For me, this job was working in a museum.

I’ve worked in a few museums, so far, through my life, usually as a volunteer.  The last one I worked in, however, was a paying student job.  That’s not what made it my favourite, though.  My previous museum positions dealt with the public more – greeting, gift store, interpreter.  In my last position I was able to get right down and dirty with what I loved most – the museum collection.

In this position I was responsible for cataloging new acquisitions, organization the collection and creating museum exhibits and displays.  This was just a small museum in a small Nova Scotian town, so the collections did not consist of anything earth shattering,but it was still such a wonderful experience!

Handling objects that were cast aside before I was even born, visualizing it in use, imagining the lives of the people who owned it and carefully flipping through a brittle newspaper or journal… This has always been what has fascinated me about history; what has always drawn me to museums and archaeology; what makes working in museum collections, despite the low, if any, pay, my favourite job.

What has been your favourite job, or what job would you like to have in the future?

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