Murphy’s on the Water is located on the Halifax Waterfront. It is a great restaurant, souvenir shop, and marine (including tall ships) and amphibious tour operator.

One day I was walking along the boardwalk leading from the shop to the restaurant. I looked down at the board right next to the side shop door and saw a knot in the wood. I looked back up and this project was born. I would continue to shoot the scene before me from the exact same spot every time I was in the area. The knot on the floor board would act as a perfect marker so I made sure I was always in the same spot.

I haven’t been able to take as many shots as I’d hoped since that first one 21 September 2014 – only a handful, really, which is a bit disappointing. I don’t get to the city very often and a lot of the time, when I am there, I’m with other people and we either don’t have time for that stop, or I don’t want to bother them by asking for the detour.

Below is a gallery of the shots I have taken. Perhaps I’ll continue this project and follow up in another couple of years. :)

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