A trip to Cape Breton. Three days shooting around Sherbrooke Village Museum. Editing Promotional videos. Seriously no time for anything else, but a lot to talk about in a monthly review!

Monthly Review July (In Brief)

As I said, this month was very busy! There was certainly enough things going on to keep me blogging for a couple of months.

I took my annual trip – a short, local one this time. It was a ten-day road trip of Cape Breton, followed by almost a week at Sherbrooke Village Museum.

After returning home from the trip, I was able to get through a few photos, but mostly concentrated on a volunteer project and trying to get back into the swing of things!

The end of the month lead into a long weekend and I headed to the parentals’ for the weekend,. We were planning on doing Natal Day activities. We didn’t do much of what we planned, but I did get something stitched for Exhibition.


So I did have three projects/Goals for the month.

  1. Continue Couch to 5K
  2. Read two books
  3. Create some promotional videos for my local museum

I was successful in only the third – more on that later this week. Going forward, I’m not going to do challenges or month-long goals, but just try and knock out some bigger tasks and projects. I’ve been getting behind in some things because I’ve been concentrating on these.

Reading time was almost non-existent this month between travelling and being so busy at home. I didn’t even finish the book I started in June!

I was determined to continue the Couch to 5K program while I was on vacation. I knew if I didn’t, there would be no going back to it. The first day I got up and went out for the run. Our hotel was out in the middle of the countryside. No trail to run on, but nice wide gravel shoulders.. On the way back a coyote crossed the road in front of me. That was pretty cool! I decided, however, I might skip my next run. We would be moving to a new hotel the following day anyway and I’d just push it back a day. The next locations and set-ups and, yes, a bit of laziness, meant that, yeah… I didn’t do any more.

Since getting home I’ve not been able to get up early enough, let along actually get up and do it and it’s too darn hot to do it any later in the day! I haven’t lost all hope, though.

Cross StitchChatelaine Christmas Ornament 2010

Again, not much stitching got done this month. In fact, until this past weekend, I only stitched one day – our first day at the cabin. Unfortunately, that was not enough time to complete the project for this year’s exhibition. This will be the first year, since I began showing in 2003, that I will technically not be entering any cross stitch.

I did furiously work on this Christmas Ornament from Chatelaine Designs, that I’ll be entering. It just won’t be in the cross stitch section.


Still plugging away on Somme, by Lyn Macdonald. Between being so busy and not really enjoying the author’s style, this has been slow going. I have liked the information she has written about.


This month was full of photographic opportunities! There was ten days in Cape Breton and a photo shoot at the local museum (to help with that monthly project, above). Cape Breton was a great trip that, I think, produced a lot of great photos… and broke my camera! Did I mention that!? Yep.

Monthly Review - Sherbrooke Village Museum

Day three we were hiking to a waterfall and I tripped and it broke my fall. Thankfully it still worked enough that I was able to continue shooting, just with some restrictions. It’s currently in the shop and I’m working on my old back up camera.

Sherbrooke Village Museum was my main photographic excursion for the month. More on that later this week, as well, as I haven’t been able to look through most of those photos, aside from the couple I have already posted here on the blog. I hope to be able to get to those, and the blog post this week.

Monthly Faves

Favourite Photo

(Favourite photo posted, because there were a bunch of great photos that I took in July, but I haven’t had a chance to edit and upload them all, yet! :) )

Monthly Review - Favourite Photo

Uisge Ban Falls, just off the Cabot Trail. About five minutes before breaking my camera, three days into the trip!

Favourite Share

I wasn’t home a lot this month and didn’t really share a lot of links to things, at least nothing that I would say was a ‘favourite’. I did retweet this, though.

Favourite Purchase

A very pretty maple leaf pendant that I bought in Sydney, Cape Breton.

Melinda Jane Designs Maple Leaf pendant

Interesting things I watched or listened to

BitTorrent now had a streaming news service. Although they had a soft launch a little while ago, they debuted in force for the Republican and Democratic National Conventions. Although I’m not really interested in politics, especially American politics and especially enough to watch the conventions, I was curious about their coverage. I knew it would be at least entertaining, with Justin Robert Young on board.

On the Horizon

Annapolis Valley Exhibition – I submit cross stitch (although only one piece, this year) and photography. Good luck to me!

All in all, a very busy month and while I felt like I didn’t get much accomplished, I think this monthly review shows that I did! Check back to read more about the projects I’ve had on the go.

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