Favourite Photos for September 2016

I’ve got lots of irons in the fire this month. I launched a crowdfunding campaign, I was preparing for the photo walk and to appear at the Harvest Festival here in Kentville that same day. On top of that, I went on lots of great photography excursions – a couple of show and shines, military aircraft, military encampments, museums! Really, all the things happened this month and I’m about to fall over. Read on to learn more in this Monthly Review for September 2016.


One of the projects was another promo video for the Kings County Museum. Come check out this fundraising social!


I’ve also started uploading some of the photos from my archives to Flickr. My stream as it was before September really started with my trip to Australia in 2013. I have lots of good (or at least interested) photos from before that. Each week, I’m adding five(ish) older photos. Follow along!  Here are some of the ones I’ve posted so far!

Favourite Photos for September 2016
WWII Military encampment

Monthly Review for September

Guys, I finished THREE cross stitch projects this month!

A fairytale castle finished in September
A Fairytale Castle; Finished 16 September
Stitch for Syria, finished in September
Stitch for Syria; Finished 17 September
Chatelaine Mystery VIII Tryout, finished in September
Chatelaine Mystery VIII Tryout; Finished 22 September


And I finished two books. I really can’t believe how much stuff I got done this month… but also how much I didn’t even get to.

Currently Reading:

Empires of the Dead: How One Man’s Vision Led to the Creation of WWI’s War GravesMonthly Favourites

Monthly Reivew for September - Favourite photo
A snap from the military encampment at Ross Farm Museum. This is the version posted on Flickr. You’ll notice a different version at the top of this post. I like them both!

Favourite Share

Favourite Blog Post

Photography with a friend - Sherbrooke Village
Photography with a friend – Sherbrooke Village

Web Stats

So, I’m a bit obsessed with Stats, and I figure I’ll share that with you this month.

Self Portrait of a George Lucas Fan
The most popular photo that I posted in September. “Self Portrait of a George Lucas Fan”

Chatelaine Mystery VIII Tryout
September’s most popular post: Chatelaine’s Mystery VIII Tryout

On the Horizon

I’ll (hopefully! If I get my camera back in time!) be shooting Broken Leg Theatre again on October 15th.

Broken Leg Theatre

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