Ashley Sisk over at Ramblings & Photos is hosting a great little idea for wrapping up 2011.  I thought I’d play along.  She posted 25 prompts for which I’ve got a photo for each.  They were all taken by me, in 2011, unless otherwise noted.

1. "Me" - after the big hair cut!
2. "I Love You" - a photo of my (not a) puppy Kes!
3. "Still laughing..." - We had an end of year retreat at Job #1. The tide came in while we were talking and cut us off from the cars on the other side of the bridge.
4. "Winter Wonderland"
5. "Birthday"
6. "Friends" - Liz and I (photo taken by Nutty; click on the pic to go to her site!)
Here Lies
7. "I Was Inspired..." - I don't know why cemeteries inspire me so much, photographically, but they do!
8. "Spring Fever" - To me, Spring always means the return of bugs...
9. "Travel or Vacation" - Jacob's Ladder (I think) in Truro, NS. I was there for a conference in May.
Wooden Path
10. "Summer Days"
11. "A Day In My Life" - I see this painting every time I come home. Also, being a painting of the Auroras Borealis, it's fitting for me, no?
12. "All Smiles" - Gummi Bears always make me smile. :)
13. "Autumn Harvest"
14. "Family or Home" - The spot I spend almost all of my time when I'm at home.
Like it A Lot
15. "Celebrate" - I celebrated New Year's Eve 2012 with a cold one.
16. "Let's Do It Again..." - Family games night! To read more about the custom MACopoly board, click the photo.
17. "I Miss You" - a bit of a cheat. This photo was taken a few years ago, but we lost Winston at the beginning of this year. :(
18. "Beautiful"
19. "Dress Up" - Hal-Con 2011 (Photo by Nutty)
20. "Macro" - Medieval Illuminated Sampler
21. "Holidays" - Christmas presents
Hidden Ft. Anne
22. "My Favorite" ... photo
Lucky Lou's
23. "Don't Ever Change"... Annapolis Royal!
24. "Just Because...So There!"
25. "Hopes and Dreams" - that I finally find some FOCUS. Will something need to go?

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