So… Fridays.  I hate them.  Strange, I know.  Not only is it the start of the weekend, but I finish work early!  You’d think that would mean lots of time to be productive or whatever, but I usually seem to get all zombified for the entire afternoon and night.  I guess it’s all about winding down from the week, but it’s highly annoying.

This was a strange Friday.  On my way to work, on one street I saw three weird things.  First, was that a couple of someones were nice enough to ‘clean up’ after their dog… only to leave the plastic bag right there.  The environment thanks you.  Second, it looks like someone raked all their leaves into their neighbour’s yard.  Your neighbour thanks you.  Finally, someone had a volleyball net set up in their very small front yard.  The drivers who will hit you with their cars when you chase after your ball thank you…. or, well, maybe not.

Anyway, by the time I got home I had a headache which derailed my Friday even more than usual.

So that’s the reason for this strange post… and why it’s a day late.

What’s your most hated day of the week?

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