So, SURPRISE!, I recently returned from a month long trip to Turkey and Morocco.  I brought a friend along!

Tatooine Luke Skywalker (a Lego Mini-Fig) joined me for my travels and we took a selfie of him each day. (Except for one day, but I had taken two on a previous day so… yay!) This is my first time doing this (and jumping onto to bandwagon) so many of the photos could use some work. If I decide to do this all the time when I travel, I’ll have to work on that. Also, a few of the photos were taken with my tablet (that only has a crappy, front-facing camera) or GoPro.

(Click on the photos for larger pics.)

On Our Way

We’re on the way! Hanging out at the gate with our luggage and an Iced Capp… (which Luke decided to take a swim in. Thankfully he did that at the START of the trip.)


We stopped off in England to visit family.  Spent a few hours hanging out in Windsor before going back to the airport.


We landed in Turkey and our first stop was the ruins of Troy.


The next day and a half, we spent touring the battlefields around Gallipoli. Look took a selfie at ANZAC Beach.


Before heading to Istanbul, we wandered around the town of Ecebat where we were staying for the weekend.

Aya Sofia

We saw many interesting things in Istanbul. On the first day, Luke took a selfie at the Aya Sofia.

Spice Market

The next day at the Spice Market (Egyptian Bazaar).


And then the Blue Mosque. (Not actually that blue.)


We saw the city from the tops of rooftops and city walls…

Galata Tower

…and the Galata Tower.


Our last day was a free day and we visited the Basilica Cistern.

Turkish Airlines

The next day, we flew to Cappadoccia, another part of Turkey.


Side trip for Luke to visit the Jundland Wastes of Tatooine.


Back in Cappadoccia, we visited a couple of workshops, including this carpet shop.


Luke takes a selfie in front of the Turkish flag.


On our last day in Turkey, Luke and I take a walk around the town we were staying in: Avanos.


Crappy selfie on the flight to Morocco, via Paris.


We spent the first day in Morocco in Casablanca. Here we are on the ‘beach’ in front of the famous Hassan II Mosque.


The next day, we took the train to Marrakech.


A rooftop view of Marrakech.


We visited several interesting sites in the city.


Then we began our journey to the Sahara.


We travelled through the Atlas Mountains.

(It seems like Luke is only just starting to enjoy his trip. In reality, his hair fell off in my pocket and I realized he had a happy face on the other side of his head.)

Dune Sea

Luke took another side trip to the Dune Sea of Tatooine.


We rode camels to our desert camp site.


On our way back to Marrakech, we saw gorges…


… and Kasbah ruins.


We spent out last day in the fishing village of Essaouira.  Poor Luke fell into what he says was a rain puddle, but was probably some fish juice.


On our flight home, we had a breakfast layover in Germany. We had a good breakfast. (Yes, just the beer.) Luke thought the glass wasn’t good enough and tried to get in the bottle.


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