LEGO Star Wars Stop Motion

Today I bring you a short post featuring my newest YouTube video. Now, I’m not a YouTuber by any means. I’m not a videographer and I certainly don’t want to edit anything that requires staring at my own face or listening to my own voice for any length of time. Actually, for any time at all! That really narrows down what I could post there. :) Sometimes, however, my photography experiments actually work best as videos instead of stills, or even animated gifs. Today is a prime example. I experimented with this small LEGO Star Wars stop motion build of the Ghost from Star Wars Rebels.

You might remember my time lapse of the TFA Millennium Falcon. For that, I just set up my GoPro to take a photo every five or ten seconds as I built the toy. This time, I took a photo after every (or almost every) piece I put together. I shot this with a new ‘studio‘ that I built. I think I need some lights for it, though…

LEGO Star Wars Stop Motion Build

I built the Ghost, as featured in Star Wars Rebels. It’s a small LEGO model that I got for Christmas and managed to stop myself from building until I could do this video. I was waiting to get the ‘studio’ built first.

So, without further ado, here you go.

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