This past weekend I had a cooking day for the first time since before Christmas.  I made some apple muffins which, as usual, taste good but never stay in their muffin form.  (always stick to the cups or whatever no matter if I grease them or not).  I tried to make some bread, but I haven’t had must luck with that lately.  My bread hasn’t been rising :(  I think I need to try the first recipe I tried (which worked out perfectly!) and see if THAT works.  Basically I need to find out if I’m doing something wrong, or just always choosing the wrong recipes.

BUT I made REALLY yummy red wine truffles.  The shell was a bit hard; I would have preferred slightly softer chocolate on the outside, but something that would still hold it’s shape (and the truffle filling of course!).  Mmm, so yummy.  Had some filling/ganache left over and iced some cupcakes with it.  I also made some homemade tomato sauce for the freezer and these yummy apple pie cookies which turned out perfect!

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