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Back in August, I wrote about the Kings County Museum and, specifically, their Canadian Sniper Exhibit. I shared with you a video I had created, at the museum’s direction, to promote the exhibit which ends mid-November. They also have a new temporary exhibit called “Exploring Miner’s Marsh“. I haven’t been by to see it, yet, but it should be great! Go check it out! It’s on now until mid-December. The most important thing coming up, however, is the the Kings County Museum fundraiser – the Soldier’s Social.

Miners Marsh No. 1
Miner’s Marsh


Kings County Museum Fundraiser – Soldier’s Social


On October 28th, 2016, Kentville’s historic Cornwallis Inn will be transported back to the 1940’s as they host a Soldier’s Social.  There will be period music from Rewind, dancing from Dance Time, stories, antique cars and more. Dress up in your best period clothes, if you’d like. Come out and enjoy the amazing music, inspiring stories, great dancing and, most of all, some fun! Not really sure how to jive, foxtrot, or waltz? Don’t worry! The museum is also holding a couple of dancing lessons leading up to the event. Call them (902-678-6237) for more information on that, or to get tickets for the Social. See you there!



And speaking of the military (sort of). Are you interested in military subjects? Maybe you would, say, like to help your local photographer gets some photographs of European battlefields and then put together an exhibition. Check out my crowdfunding campaign! I could really use your support.


2 thoughts on “Kings County Museum Fundraiser – Soldier’s Social”

  1. I walked past these signs today, and stopped and went back. While the social looks a bit social for me, the lessons sound fun. I’m sure it’s good writing practice to learn how to fox trot :)

    Nice video, great song choice.

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