This is one of the coolest projects that I’ve come across on Kickstarter so far.  What is not to love about this project?

Collage photo frame?  Win.

Vintage View Master reel?  Win.

Collage photo frame that looks like a giant View Master reel?  Epic win!

I was backer #1 on this project – REEL-MASTER Picture Frame – and I think I backed it within five minutes of it going live.  The delay was because I had to message the guy running the project to deal with shipping.  I want this package!  (I ended up ‘ordering’ two different picture frames, the guy’s business card and a vintage reel for my actual View Master.

The problem at the moment is that he only has 9 days left to receive full funding and he’s only 10% of the way to his goal.  If you have a bunch of photos you want to put on the wall, or you want a photo frame that is a great conversation starter, go back this project!

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