I know I just posted about Kickstarter like, two days ago but considering that’s pretty much all I’ve been doing this weekend…

I’ve been staying with my parents this weekend and my ‘set’ up isn’t really that conducive to doing work.  I’m in a really comfy lazy chair in front a TV.  I don’t have a TV at home so that’s distractions one and two.  Now I could write or read or stitch or do almost anything that’s actually productive.

Instead I’ve been surfing the Kickstarter site pretty much all weekend and even backed and favourited a bunch of projects.  Some things I backed are for gifts, some are just because I liked the projects and some I’m really looking forward to getting my ‘reward’.  I seem to have developed a love for letterpresses and student projects.  I’m really looking forward to getting these journals, which I really hope receives it full funding, and this letterpress ‘print’.

I’d really love the book that will be offered in this newly launched Iceland Squared project, but it’s probably a little above my price range.

Have you backed any projects on the site?  Do you have any recommendations for me?

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