January 2018 Monthly Review

It’s been almost a year since I last posted a monthly review. It’s been a very busy year, but these reviews are actually quite helpful to me sometimes, so I’ll try and post them whenever I have time. So let’s get right into the January 2018 Monthly Review.

I think the holidays have sort of lingered around. I’ve been spending a lot of time just relaxing and just working on the deadlines… or simple tasks that don’t actually need to be done for a while. I have been working on a long-term project, so for the next couple of months, there won’t be as much photography to show, but rest assured stuff is happening behind the scenes and it will all make sense later. Hopefully. :)

Mailing List

First I wanted to say that I’ve started a mailing list. Things can get lost in the social media feeds and who wants to keep checking back here to see what’s up, even if I were to announce everything here. This way you’ll get all the news sent right to your mailbox! Mostly it will be a review like this each month, but I’ll also announce additions to the stop, events happening. things like that. You can sign up right over here on the side –>

You’ll also see over there links to Patreon and Etsy where you can buy prints and cards, and support my addiction art.

Winter in Wolfvile

January 2018 Monthly Review

It’s been a weird month – feeling busy and doing stuff, but not having a lot to show you.  Here is what I have been up to:

  • Games night in Halifax… on a ‘school night’. Not my best life choice, but it was fun!
  • I dropped off three prints to the Acadia Art Gallery. More on that later. The photos, from the Remembrance Road exhibit, will be showing in this community art show until February 15th.
  • Had a very cold, snowy, fast photo walk after dropping off the prints.
  • Presented a session on travel photography to a college class of travel writing students.
  • Attended a Robbie Burns night celebration.
  • A couple of photo archive uploads.
  • Attended the kick-off for the annual Eagle Watch.
  • And a played with toys. :) A Star Wars Lego (time lapse), NASA Lego (time lapse), and I’m working on a puzzle. I think puzzles are not my thing!
  • I actually did some cross stitch, but nothing to show right now

Favourite Photo of the Month

Shot this month:

Winter in Wolfvile

Uploaded this month From the Archive (August 2010):
At Mushroom Level

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And the Stats

Most popular photo uploaded this month (an archive photo):

The Atlantic Ocean

Most popular photo shot this month:
Shattered Filter

The most popular Blog Post:

How I Track Cross Stitch Progress

The most popular post from this month:

Review: Bigger Picture Photography Cards


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