You should maybe buy it.  It is half photographs, half travel essays, all detailing my experiences visiting various World War I & II battlefields throughout my life.

I’ll be back home November 25th and you can buy your book from me after that by hitting me up in a message or email or stop by the Kings County Museum on November 26th for the book launch!
(Not gonna lie – I make the most money if you buy the book from me!)

Can’t wait until then? You’ll find the book at Coles/Chapters/Indigo and other booksellers, and online.
I’ll be doing BOOK SIGNINGS:
November 8th, 6pm – Chapters / Mic Mac Mall
November 9th, 12pm – Chapters / Bayer’s Lake
December 8th, 1pm – Inside Story / Greenwood
December 9th, 12pm – Coles / New Minas

Thanks in advance for your support!

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