how to adjust colour in a photograph

This month’s photo editing tutorial is super simple, y’all. One step. (This post will show three steps, but only because I had additional tweaks I wanted to make to this specific photo.) Today I’ll show you how to adjust colour in a photograph. Quick and dirty like.

The Photo

So I don’t generally care about Valentine’s Day, but someone gave me these neat little plastic hearts she made and I thought this would be a great idea for a shoot. I found this heart and flower paperweight that I’ve had for years and used it to add something else to the image. I did a whole set of these shots. You can view a few of them over on Flickr.

There’s really nothing wrong with this photo at all, really. The photo looks pretty much exactly as it did in real life. This was a Valentine’s Day shoot, however, so I wanted this to be ‘warmer’ (reds, pinks) instead of the ‘cool’ blue that my lights give off.

How to Adjust Colour in a Photograph

You could play with saturation and hue of the reds, or use a colour overlay, but there’s something a lot easier to get the effect I wanted. Really, we’re just going to adjust the white balance.

Step 1 (and done!): Use the ‘tint’ (green and magenta) slider in the white balance section to get the colour and temperature you’re looking for. That’s it!

That’s it! You’re done!

Of course, you’ll notice that I’ve missed one of my usual steps. That came next and then I also cropped the image slightly to get rid of the crease in the background paper in the top right corner.

Step 2: Adjust clarity.
Step 3: Crop as needed.


And there you go. Proof that photo editing doesn’t have to be hard at all.

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