Games Day - Merchants and Marauders

One day, a couple of years ago, I decided to host a games day to celebrate someone’s birthday. I’m not into having a bunch of people over to my place, so I just invited two others – a mutual friend, and my brother. Everyone had a good time and we decided to make it a mostly monthly event. The Birthday Girl has since moved away, but Mutual Friend, Brother, and I continue to enjoy games day with a rotating cast of people for our fourth player.

Between this monthly gathering, and Wil Wheaton’s TableTop, I’ve discovered a lot of fun new games that I have purchased for myself and my family, with many more on the list!

Games Day – October 2016

Yesterday, we had our Games Day at my brother’s/parents’ place, with his girlfriend as our Fourth. In the past, some of our games days have lasted up to 14 hours, with countless games played, and much fun had. Lately, schedules have been such that we’ve been wrapping up at supper time. Yesterday, that meant we only played three games. That would be my fault.  I picked the first game and that was…

Merchants and Marauders

Brother purchased Merchants and Marauders on a past games day. We tried to play it that day, after getting back from the game shop, but we couldn’t really figure it out, especially not if we wanted to play more games that day. He took it home and did some research on it. We played it as a family a few times and I’ve wanted to play it at the last couple of games days, but I just don’t have the space to play it at my place. I figured this was the perfect opportunity.

I’m not sure how M. Friend and Girlfriend liked it, but I do remember it being a bit of a slog the first time we played it. We find the rule book hard to figure out, especially when it comes to battles with other players or non-player ships. In fact, yesterday we just had to make up a couple of rules because something seemed to be missing. Despite the ambiguous rules, I really enjoy this game! It’s one of those games that I don’t really play to win. I just play because I enjoy exploring the map.

Merchants and Maraunders on Games day

Good thing I don’t mind losing. Brother won. I didn’t end up last though, and no one got skunked, so everybody wins!


M. Friend picked next and she chose Skip-Bo. We also brought my mum in to play, thinking she would enjoy it. (She did!) This was another first for games day. I’d only played it once before, with M. Friend and her family. I quite enjoyed it. It’s an old-school card game with a modified deck. You could Frankenstein this game together by stealing from a bunch of regular card decks.

Skip-Bo on Games day

Winner? M. Friend!

DC Deck Building

Girlfriend chose the last game of the day – the DC Deck Building game. This is a games day staple. We always seem to play either this, or Legendary, the Marvel deck building game. Superheroes. Villains. Crazy Powers. What’s not to love?


DC Deck Building on Games Day

It was my turn to win! I have Wonder Woman and Bizzaro to thank for that!

Rated at 45 minutes per experienced player, that first game took about four hours! That meant we didn’t have time for Brother to have a pick. Looking at the scoreboard, perhaps if he had, Girlfriend would have got a win in!

Do you have a regular games day with your family or friends? What are some of your favourite games?

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