games day december 2016

Back in October I talked about our little monthly games day group. One of our group is in a pretty intense college program, and I’ve been super busy, so we skipped November and, due to scheduling and illnesses, almost missed December! But thankfully December was go, though it was all hands on deck to make it happen. w00t! After October, I thought it would be nice to continue these blog post round ups… except I forgot to take photos. Oops. So just one photo this month, that I set up and shot for this post.

Let’s get on with it!

Games Day – December 2016

We had the same group as last month – Friend, Brother, and [brother’s] Girlfriend – and got five games in.

Dice Masters

This is a dice-building game. 

Brother and Girlfriend arrived about an hour later than Friend. After we spent some time chatting and catching up, we decided to play a game on our own. She got first pick and chose Dice Masters (my game). I have two starter sets – Age of Ultron and Uncanny X-Men, as well as some random booster packs. They’re all mixed together in one box and we just randomly pulled characters. I enjoy Dice Masters, but have trouble figuring out how to assign damage during real battles. When I’m playing with Brother, someone who plays Magic and lots of other games like that, he basically says what happens to who. We muddled through, however. Friend kicked my ass.

Dice Masters


Party game.

Brother and Girlfriend arrived and brought Cranium with them, which was Brother’s pick, which is not a favourite of mine. There are four main categories (trivia, art, word puzzles, and entertainment) with several different activities (things that are like charades and ‘pictionary’) in each category. We all agreed that we would skip what I call ‘puppet master’ activities. These are like charades, but you pose your partner.  I really only like the various types of trivia or word puzzle activities. I can’t draw or sculpt, or hum a tune on command. Thankfully, Friend was my partner and she’s an artist and didn’t mind basically doing all the work. Score! I let her down when I said I’d do a humming activity and then couldn’t think of the tune, so we just sat there in awkward silence for a full minute.

In the end, we won, so I guess it all worked out. :)

Last Night on Earth

Boardgame, sorta RP-ish.

Girlfriend’s pick was next and she chose Friend’s game Last Night on Earth – a zombie apocalypse game. You play in teams – zombies against humans. I’m not great at strategy. Really, I’m not great at games in general!  In the past, I’ve always played as a human, and I found it difficult to fully enjoy it. It’s a fun game, but was never my pick because I felt pressured about letting my team mate down, what with my lack of strategy.

This time, Friend and I were the zombies and I enjoyed it much more. Basically I just had to go toward the brains or, in the case of our game scenario this time, the humans’ final goal. The humans won, but only barely. On the final part of the final round, Girlfriend remembered a card she previously forgot about that cancelled out the card I played that would have won the zombies the game.

Next time we play, I definitely want to be a zombie!



Marvel deck-building game.

One of our go-to games is Legendary, my game and my pick. I would say that every games day we play either Legendary or DC Deck Building. DC is probably my fave of the two, but that wasn’t part of the selection this month.

We didn’t pull a particularly difficult Mastermind/Scheme combination, but it was not looking good for our heroes. Finally, Friend built an amazing deck and managed to wipe all the Mastermind cards in like two turns. Obviously she won.  But we all won, because the Mastermind (Loki) didn’t kill us. So, you know, win.

Machi Koro

Sorta like a deck building game.

Brother and Girlfriend left after Legendary, but Friend stayed for one more game – Machi Koro. I enjoy this game! The art on the cards is fun and there’s a combination of cards and dice and buying things. It’s one of those games I enjoy playing even though I usually lose.

Just like I did this time. Friend won, though I wasn’t far behind.

Final Scores

Me: 1/5

Friend: 4/5

Brother: 1/3

Girlfriend: 1/3

Clearly, Friend won the day and I suck. About usual.

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