“My bags are packed & I’m ready to go…”

Well, actually, not quite on either count.  I’m not where ready to go.  The suitcase is getting there, I’ve been filing it up with all the Star Wars and Orlando specific things that I’m not going to need between now and when I leave for my trip.  Next week at this time I’ll be in sunny (and no doubt way too hot) Orlando, Florida, gearing up for Star Wars Celebration V which starts August 12th.  Future week-from-now me is likely sitting on a bar stool at the Hard Rock Cafe or will be soon.

I still need to finish packing and make sure I’ve got all the camera equipment together that I want to take with me, not to mention finalize my schedule.  I’ve got all my Star Wars shirts packed already and I’ll be picking up a few more at the Convention; my brand new shorts – I don’t really wear shorts a lot around here – and my newly purchased sunscreen and bug repellent.  I’ll probably bring my laptop, if only to transfer photos on to, though I have no idea when I’ll have time to do that.

I’ll arrive in Orlando Wednesday afternoon after spending the night at the airport.  Right away, I plan on heading down to the “CityWalk” to look around and visit the Hard Rock Cafe.  I’m hoping that I find something else interesting in the area, even if it’s only photography.  Otherwise, I’ll have some time to relax!

I’ve got more parties lined up for the four days than I’ve been to in my whole life!  Well, that’s an exaggeration… but not by much!  I’ll probably end up sleeping in the convention centre parking lot to hopefully get a spot in the George Lucas panel.  I have no idea how that schedule is going to work, considering I’m rooming with three other people…  (Edit after this went live: No parking lot sleeping required.  I’ll be volunteering during the panel Saturday morning, and one of our room mates canceled :( )

Sunday evening, I’ll get to relax a bit, as I don’t have anything planned just yet.  No doubt something will come up.  I will need that night to sort myself out and pack though… I’ll be checking out early Monday morning and taking a bus tour to the Kennedy Space Centre and the everglades.  I don’t fly out until the next morning – Tuesday.

It’s going to be a fun, action-packed (and sleep deprived!) week, but I’m SO looking forward to it!  I can’t wait to see all the friends I’ve made on the forums and met in Dallas, not to mention the excitement and fun of the events themselves!

Are you going?  What are you most looking forward to doing?

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