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As I’ve mentioned before, 2017 was a very prolific year for me, photographically.  There were some mediocre shoots, a couple of failures, and a lot of amazing shoots. It seemed like it might be as hard to choose a favourite shoot as it was to choose a favourite photo. Or perhaps, looking at that list of favourite photographs, you might think it would have been easy – one of my battlefield shoots, perhaps, or shooting at The Edge. Playing with the Canada 150 chair was pretty fun. But nope, it wasn’t any of those. It was a random detour to Peggy’s Cove on the way home from Halifax.

Peggy’s Cove Detour

So, photo buddy and I had a great, full day exploring Halifax and Dartmouth. We saw and did everything on our list and were sitting and eating supper before heading home. Well.  I was eating supper; buddy was distracting herself from watching me eat by looking over a tourist map of the area. You know, one of those ad-filled maps decorated with cartoony drawings of various points of interest. One of the highways out of town had a label: “<– to Peggy’s Cove”.

“Hey,” she said. “Wanna go to Peggy’s Cove?”

“Well, you’re the driver. We’ll be home after dark, probably. You okay with that?”

“Yeah, of course.”

“Well then, hell yeah, I wanna go to Peggy’s Cove!”

Golden Peggy's CoveWe arrived about three hours before sunset. When I realized that, I was a little disappointed. One day, I thought to myself, I’ll get here for a nice sunset. I wasn’t about to ask her to stick around for three hours, after all.

As it turned out, however, we spent a lot of time exploring the rocks around the lighthouse and down into the village. We started back to the car. I looked out to the sea and down to my watch.

“Yeah, we’re not going anywhere. Sunset’s in fifteen minutes.” There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, so I didn’t think it would be very spectacular, but the sun would be interesting anyway.

What little faith I had!

You can check out more photos from the detour over on Flickr!

Peggy's Silhouette

Now I just need to get someone interested enough in doing some middle of the night/milky way shots there… Any takers?


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